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Woman with long brown hair weaeing a toque looking down at her Red Tri Mini American Shepherd smiling with a forest in the background

Hey Friend.

Welcome to HerCozyCrew! I'm so excited you're here and want to get to know us more.

It all began with a simple Instagram page for my new puppy, Widget. I wanted to share a million photos of my new pup without bombarding my friends and family. Little did I know, our journey would unfold into something special and meaningful.


As Widget's account slowly grew beyond only friends following us,  I discovered something new. and that people were drawn to our story, our bond, and the adventures we'd go on.  Before I knew it, a wonderful community of fellow pet lovers gathered around us and also requested to see more of my special dilute calico cat, Olive, too!

From there, my account branched out into something I found a passion for, content creation! I love being able to get creative and think outside of the box, whether that be through making funny videos to uplift viewers or telling a heartfelt story captured through photography and writing to evoke emotions. 


Inspired by our day-to-day adventures, I decided on the name HerCozyCrew. I feel like it describes me well, as well as my crew.  As much as we love to get out there and adventure, there's nothing more I love than to just snuggle up in some comfy clothes with Widget and Olive and binge watch a TV show for a weekend.

Meet Carly.

It's me Carly, the content creator behind the cozy crew.

When I'm not busy running around with my camera taking photos or videos, you'll likely find me outside somewhere training with my dog, Widget, or inside cozied up under 10 layers of blankets and watching TikTok. Not a very adventurous life I have compared to other people, but I enjoy the little things in life when I get free time!


"How'd you end up doing 'content thing' as a job?" is a question I get when strangers make small talk by asking me what I do for a living. The answer is, everything happens for a reason!

I originally went to school to become a veterinary technician, after working in the field for a few years I was already burned out and tired of being broke because the pay was barely covering my monthly bills. I decided to make the switch from one tech life to another, so I got into computers and started a technical customer support role.

Well, on my birthday about a year ago, I got called into a virtual meeting along with others in my company and told I was no longer employed and good luck! I decided after that, that since I was already loving content creation as a side hustle, why not take a leap of faith and see if we can do this thing full time...and so I did! The rest is history, and if you've read this far, clearly the full time job as a content creator worked out because you're looking at my website for it!


Woman with long brown hair looking at camera while holding coffee mug and smiling
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