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Woman with brown hair sits on a grey couch with her red tri mini american shepherd sitting on the couch beside her. In front is a coffee table two a charcuterie board for a human, and a second one full of dog and cat treats. A dilute calico cat sits on the coffee table next to the boards and is looking at the camera.



September 2023


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

In a special collaboration with Sobeys, I had the opportunity to highlight Sobeys as the ultimate destination for both pet and human needs during Pet Wellness Month. Through this partnership, I crafted a unique experience by creating distinctive charcuterie boards—one for humans and one for pets—using a wide range of high-quality groceries from Sobeys. This collaboration not only celebrated the idea of Sobeys as a one-stop-shop but also demonstrated a shared commitment to overall wellness for both pet owners and their beloved pets.

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