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Carly, in her twenties, ensures pet safety in a pickup truck as Widget, the red tri Mini American Shepherd, joins her. Widget sports a protective blue crash-tested harness, while Carly expertly secures him with the reliable Kurgo Seatbelt, demonstrating a commitment to safe travels for pets and their owners.



January 2023


Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


November 2022 / March 2023

Project type

In feed post

Join me on our journey through two impactful collaborations with Kurgo, where style, comfort, and safety converge for our beloved dogs. Our first project highlighted Kurgo's winter jackets and harnesses, blending functionality with fashion for dogs. In the second venture, we dove into the realm of safety, spotlighting Kurgo's crash-tested harnesses and car seat belts, and discussing the vital need to secure our pets during travel.

Together, these collaborations epitomize our shared commitment to enhancing the lives of our canine companions, bridging style and safety with Kurgo's exceptional products!

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