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Smiling young woman, Carly, in her mid-20s, enjoys outdoor moment on her back deck. She sits on a metal chair beside a clear glass table, holding a delicious beef burger from Goodfood meal subscription service. Her red tri Mini American Shepherd, Widget, sits attentively on a chair nearby, eyeing the burger on Carly's plate. The scene includes a plate of potatoes in front of Carly and another plate with a burger and potatoes for Widget. Carly's joyful expression and the heartwarming interaction between her and Widget create a charming outdoor ambiance.



Kitchener, Ontario, Canada


March 2023 / July 2023

Project type


This is my ongoing partnership with Goodfood that brings together culinary fun and creative innovations!

My work takes center stage in advertising campaigns on TikTok, seamlessly blending delectable dishes with engaging narratives from delivery to dish, while also making an appearance on my own social media pages.

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